Good News

Do you want to know why you exist? You were created for eternal beauty, to enjoy Father God and His family now, here on earth and in paradise forever, and to carry out a specific mission of compassion and truth on this dark planet, against the darkness and agaist all odds - a mission that you were exactly designed for as apart of the family of God. But we have all fallen from glory. We all hurt God and each other, and need to be rescued from the destruction and put on the right track. Your life is precious, and God loves and longs for you. He sent his Perfect Son  Yeshua the Christ to planet earth to save us from ourselves and show us the path. Christ is the Way: the Life and Light of the Universe that cannot be put out. Christ died for us, taking the punishment for the evil of the world - our punishment - on himself. In killing Life Himself, Death was destroyed, and Christ rose again from the dead.

Now, if we humble ourselves before God by acknowledging that we cannot save ourselves but that His Son is the Christ, our Kind and only rescuer, then in that truest humility we too will conquor death and find the full and eterenal life that begins even now. King Yeshua is returning soon to set everything right on Earth, and all who are on the side of Truth will stand with Him. Turn and humble yourself, laying your entire life at the feet of Christ, and He will lift you up and give you the Life that is real.

This is what He has done, and is doing, for me. He has transformed my life. The reason I sing is to hold out for you the precious Light that I have found by grace. I sing to say that despite the darkness and suffering, there is hope for you, there is hope for the world.  Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions, for prayer, or just someone to talk to. 

with love, Jessamyn



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